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West Michigan's Premier Golf Outing

A History of Chase the Bear

Chase The Bear: An Open golf outing was founded by three friends who had a passion for golf and a desire for fellowship. The idea for the event was sparked during one of their weekly shenanigans' when they stumbled upon a bear.

The friends, who had been playing golf together for years, were intrigued by the presence of the bear and decided to follow it. After a few minutes of chasing the bear, they found themselves on a beautiful, yet secluded, part of town. It was then that they realized that they had discovered a hidden gem.

The three friends were inspired to share this experience with others and decided to organize a golf outing that would encompass the same spirit of adventure and camaraderie that they had experienced. They named the event “Chase The Bear: An Open” to pay homage to the bear that had led them to this discovery.

The first annual “Chase The Bear: An Open” golf outing was held years later, and it was an immediate success. The event has since become an annual tradition, drawing golfers from all over the country to experience the thrill of the chase and the beauty of life.





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