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From the Tips, with Jackson Koert

Hey there, it's Coach Jackson Koert here and I'm excited to teach you how to swing a driver! The driver is the longest club in your bag and it's important to learn how to hit it properly in order to achieve maximum distance off the tee.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Address the ball: Start by standing behind the ball and looking at your target. Take a practice swing or two to loosen up. Then, walk up to the ball and position your feet shoulder-width apart with the ball aligned with your front foot. Your front foot should be slightly ahead of your back foot.

  2. Grip the club: Place your hands on the club with your lead hand (left for righties, right for lefties) on the club first, then wrap your trail hand (right for righties, left for lefties) around the club with the thumb pointing down. Your hands should be close together and the grip should be secure, but not too tight.

  3. Take your stance: Align your body parallel to the target line with your shoulders and hips slightly open to the target. Your weight should be evenly distributed between your feet.

  4. Begin your backswing: Start your swing by shifting your weight to your back foot while keeping your head still and eyes on the ball. Rotate your shoulders, arms and hips back as you bring the club back behind you, making sure to keep your wrists firm.

  5. Start your downswing: Begin your downswing by shifting your weight back to your front foot and starting to rotate your hips toward the target. Keep your wrists firm as you bring the club back down and around, making sure to keep your eye on the ball.

  6. Make contact with the ball: As the club approaches the ball, make sure to hit the ball on the upswing. This will help create a higher launch angle and more distance off the tee. Keep your head and body still as you strike the ball.

  7. Finish your swing: After hitting the ball, follow through with your swing by continuing to rotate your hips and shoulders toward the target. The club should finish high over your shoulder and your weight should be on your front foot.

Remember to practice regularly and focus on good form and technique. With these tips, you'll be hitting long, straight drives in no time

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